Nick Jonas Quote “My pick up line is Slow down sugar, cause I’m a

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From cheesy, funny pickup lines that actually work, to cute pickup lines, these are the best pickup lines to use to start a flirty conversation with him or her.. 125 Cheesy-Cute Pick up Lines.

Nick Jonas Quote “My pick up line is Slow down sugar, cause I’m a

1. I'd check your blood sugar, but you're sweet enough. 2. Can I be your ophthalmologist 'cause I can't stop looking into your eyes. Law Of Attraction Signs Someone Is Thinking About You 3. Your looks are like a CD56+ lymphocyte. Natural killer. 4. I hope someday to be your emergency contact. 5. I need medical attention!

this may be the best tinder diabetic pick up line i’ve ever seen. r

Don't let diabetes get you down, have some fun with these diabetes pick up lines and spread some laughs. Whether you're looking to impress someone or just add some humor to your conversations, these pick-up lines are sure to make you smile.

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Some of the light-hearted and funny pick up lines about sugar, include: "I don't need to check your blood sugar to know you're a 10.". "My low blood sugar isn't the only thing that's making me sweat, you are HOT!". "Hey girl, that blood sugar number is almost as pretty as you are.". "I've never felt this glu-close to.

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Anatomy Pick Up Lines. Are you a lateral pterygoid because you make my jaw drop. Are you the optic chiasm because you turned my world around. You're giving me torticolis by the way you're making my head turn. I hope my love for you is arterial, because I don't want it to be all in vein.

44 diabetes pick up labels Fury Label

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What's your best/funniest/or most ridiculous diabetic pickup line or punny icebreaker that you've used or heard? A few sillier ones I enjoy: "Hey babydoll, you look like you're just my Type." "I'll let you use my One Touch if you'd like ;)" "I've never felt this glu-close to someone before!"

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So, in lieu of another discussion thread, throw in your best diabetic pick-up lines. I'll start. "Slow down sugar. I'm a diabetic.". Scott6 February 5, 2009, 6:05am 2. Baby, you look sweet enough to put me in a coma so you could have your way with me… oh wait, you won't need to put me in a coma for that to happen. Yes, I'm a bad man.

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The 5 Best Diabetes Pickuplines - Pickuplines For All Diabetes Pick up lines My doctor said because of my diabetes, I can't have too much sweet But you remind me today's my cheat day 👍︎ 15 👤︎ u/eyebrowsus 📅︎ Jun 26 🚨︎ report Girl are you insulin ? Cause I got diabetes. 👍︎ 1 👤︎ u/Not__dumb 📅︎ Feb 20 🚨︎ report Are you urine of a man with diabetes?

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50 Type 1 Diabetes Pick Up Lines: "Are you insulin? Because you're reducing my resistance to falling for you." "Do you have a map? I just keep getting lost in your eyes, and my CGM doesn't provide directions." "If you were a blood sugar reading, you'd be 100 - absolutely perfect."

Nick Jonas Quote “My pick up line is Slow down sugar, cause I’m a

1. Are you a blood sugar monitor? Because you make my heart race every time I see you. 2. Are you a pancreas? Because you've got my insulin levels spiking! 3. Are you a glucose tablet? Because you're the sweetest thing I've ever seen. 4. Is your name Novo Nordisk? Because you're the solution to all my diabetic needs. 5. Are you a vial of insulin?

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Funny Diabetes Quotes Laughter is the best medicine. Unless you're diabetic, then insulin is probably better. For real this time - humor has some quite powerful benefits. Coping with a health condition like diabetes can get tough at times, and a good laugh is one of the most effective ways to immediately soothe tension and lower stress. Daniel Sher

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Top 10 Diabetes Pick Up Lines 1. Are you a healthy snack? Because you're the perfect balance of sweet and savory. 2. Are you a low-carb recipe? Because you're my kind of comfort food.

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What we'll come pick up. What you can leave in a donation bin. What can you bring to a donation drop off location.. 2,000 kids with type one diabetes and their families can go to D-Camps 11,900,000 Canadians with diabetes or prediabetes get your support 100,000,000 Upto 100M lbs of textile & household items are diverted from landfills Go to.

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Good pick up lines are hard to come by. They must be romantic, funny, and creative. Here you will find the best medical pick up lines for medical students and doctors. These one-liners are perfect for when you want to make your crush laugh. List of the Best Medical Pick-Up Lines Can I take your temperature? You're looking hot today.

Nick Jonas Quote “My pick up line is Slow down sugar, cause I’m a

Funny Diabetes Pick Up Lines Are you a blood sugar monitor? Because you've got my heart racing. Is your name Insulin? Because you make my heart skip a beat. Are you a carb? Because you're sweet enough to send my blood sugar soaring. Are you a pancreas? Because you make my world go round. Can I check your blood sugar?