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The Easy Crochet Edging is a thick border that is simple to make and adds beauty to a lace or solid design. Made in basic crochet stitches with lots of texture. This post contains affiliate links. In this crochet pattern you will find simple stitches repeated to make a wide border. This adds a nice solid edge that looks nice on any project.

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Etsy Crochet Edgings Patterns and Books. You can always head to Etsy to find good crochet patterns. In addition to individual crochet edgings patterns, some sellers sell entire books about crochet borders. Most often these are vintage crochet books. They provide you with classic and unique crochet borders for a range of different projects.

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A ruffle border is made by stitching two or more stitches for every one on your blanket. Five or six stitches for every stitch on your blanket will make a VERY pretty, ruffle border. The border "ruffles" when you are crocheting extra stitches into each blanket stitch because there is no room for your border stitches to spread out.

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Crochet edging can elevate a design or affect the entire style of your project. Edging can range from wide to narrow, straight to ruffled, and everything in between. Adding a ruffled edge to a shirt cuff, a nice border to a blanket or pillow, or finishing a garment collar are all common ways that edging is used to finish a project..

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Blanket Stitch Edging. This super-simple blanket stitch edging is designed especially for projects with an uneven edge—granny stitch, shells and v-stitch shapes can all be finished off neatly and easily. Use a contrasting colour for your edging to add an extra pop to your projects. 3. Shell Stitch Crochet Border.

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It's best to work a round of single crochet as your border first, even if the pattern doesn't call for it. This is especially helpful if you are working a different color border from the body. In the corner space, work 3 sc or (sc, ch 1, sc). This helps even out the edges and it really looks a lot neater.

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Crochet Hearts Border. First up is this elegant Hearts Border designed by Crochet Beja. This pattern is so beautiful and makes a fun way to dress up a girl's garment, blanket, or bag. This would also turn any project into a great Valentine's Day gift! You can find the free pattern here.

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Crochet borders are often added to blankets and throws, but they can also be used on dishcloths, potholders, scarves, shawls, baby clothes, and more. Crochet borders can be very simple and minimal, or delicate and intricate. You can use the same yarn so that your border matches your blanket, or use a contrasting color to make your border pop.

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23. Wavy Shell Stitch Crochet Edging Pattern by Naztazia. Here's a nice 3D wavy shell stitch border edging. This crochet pattern works great on the edge of baby blankets, afghans, shawls, scarves, and more. It is created by making several double crochet stitches in a ring on top of a solid double crochet border.

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Best Borders for Crochet Blankets. Maria created this roundup of the best borders for crochet blankets and it includes: Reverse Shell, Puff Edge, Moss Stitch, Lacy Peaks Edging, Dot Border, Shell Edge, Waves Border, Tulip Stitch, Candy Cane Stripe Border, Treble Scallop Edging, Pumpkin Patch Edging, Ruffle Edging, Checker Edging, Cupcake stitch.

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Voila! Any one of the crochet stitch patterns on this page, 30+ Crochet Border Patterns, can work as an edging on an afghan, baby blanket, sweater, scarf and more! First, we'll share our videos for the prettiest crochet edgings you've ever seen. Simple edging can be added to just about any project out there.

Simple Shell Stitch Crochet Edging Pattern

Learn how to crochet three basic types of crochet border edgings n this tutorial video. Hi I'm Donna Wolfe from Naztazia. In this video I show how to make a.

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Crochet edging is a great way to add dimension and texture, as well as professional polish. In this article, we'll take a look at 27+ patterns that will help you create beautiful borders on any type of project.

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Moreover, unlike the crab stitch, it's crocheted in the right direction! Row 1. Sc all around. Row 2. [Sl st 1, ch 1] in each st all around. 6. Slip Stitch and Drop Stitch Border. Even simpler than the single crochet border, you can finish up your project with this easy slip stitch/drop stitch border.

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Crochet edgings can be made flat in back-and-forth rows, in the round with joined rounds that do not turn, or in the round with joined rounds that turn. Make sure you know what is best for your project. Last but not least, a little tweak or fudge here and there to make an edging stitch count work for your fabric will blend right into the fabric.

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Eyelet Lace Edging. Take a plain project from boring to beautiful with the Eyelet Lace Edging. This edging design uses single crochet stitches and double crochet shell stitches. It is a statement making border that will really make your crochet projects and home decor items stand out from the crowd. Designer: Alipyper.