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Upper trapezius: The muscle connecting the back of the neck to the shoulder blade. Pain can be moderate to severe. Clavicle (collarbone): This bone runs horizontally across the top of the chest and connects the breastbone to the shoulder blade. Tattooing on the clavicle may cause moderate to severe pain.

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Chris Dek January 15, 2021 9.7K As one of the best places to get ink, back tattoos work well with cool designs that require more space to fully develop. Back tattoos tend to be bold statement pieces because the back is a large flat canvas that can accommodate all types of design ideas.

50+ back Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Woman

Lubna Khan There's something so sexy and appealing about a shoulder tattoo. Whether you opt for a bold design or choose a minimalistic one, you can hardly ever go wrong with this one. The best part? With shoulder tattoos, you get to decide when to show off or hide your body art as they can be covered easily.

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23. Koi Fish Shoulder Tattoo. The front of the shoulder is a great location for circular designs, lending itself perfectly to this classic image of two koi fish swimming into each other. 24. Back Shoulder Tattoo For Women. The back of the shoulders is an excellent place to achieve symmetry in designs.

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1. Flower Shoulder Tattoo Flower tattoos are one of the most popular choices when it comes to shoulder designs, and that is because of their beauty and versatility. There are so many different flowers to choose from, each with its unique meaning. That said, floral ink generally represents beauty, love, and life.

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Fine line black rose shoulder tattoo. Rose tattoos represent passion, love, purity, and romance. And they can be designed to fit different parts of your shoulder. If you want a rose tattoo to cover your entire shoulder blade or the outside of the shoulder, you can connect multiple blooming roses with vines.

50+ back Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Woman

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While this tattoo placement is the back of the shoulder, this design would also work on the side or front. 31) Henna Flower Tattoo Source: Instagram @mandalatattoostudio. Another cool shoulder tattoo idea for women, combining a flower tattoo and henna design makes for a unique and trendy look.

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If you're looking to get something intricate or large, shoulders are the perfect placement option. Because shoulders offer such a large, blank canvas—considering both the shoulder bone itself and the shoulder blade—design possibilities are endless.

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May 28, 2022 50+ unique and trendy male shoulder tattoo ideas. We've combined them into 12 groups so you can easily choose the most suitable one. Men's tattoo designs in the form of patterns and different images give the image of masculinity, courage, and brutality.

80 Beautiful Back Shoulder Tattoo Designs TattooBlend

Shoulder tattoos have a rich history, with evidence of shoulder tattoos dating back to ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. In these cultures, shoulder tattoos were used to symbolize power, bravery, and status. Today, shoulder tattoos continue to hold significant meaning, serving as a form of self-expression and a.

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What is a back tattoo, and is it painful? Back tattoos are tattoos you get on the back. But because the back is a large space, back tattoos may include the following sub-placements: Upper back tattoos Shoulder blade/Back of the shoulder tattoos Back of the neck tattoos Spine tattoos Lower back tattoos Full back tattoos

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Back Shoulder Tattoo The back shoulder tattoo usually covers the shoulders and upper back. Often, it contains strong symbols like the anchor, eagle, or tiger. These symbols represent strength and power. Tattoos in this style leave the wearer with an impressive piece that covers the largest part of their body. 4. Shoulder and Chest Tattoo

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1. Warrior Shoulder Tattoo Ideas This Spartan tattoo is almost a cover-up; it helps link together disparate elements of his other work with a large black and gray shaded image that pulls the other pieces in. An enjoyable black work neo classical play on Japanese Irezumi. This is an elaborate piece despite only being in black and grey.

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6 Shoulder Tattoo Ideas. 1. Floral Tattoos. Due to the flowing nature of flowers and plants, the curved area of the shoulder can be the ideal canvas for a large floral tattoo design. This can also be a theme for a full sleeve tattoo, with flowers and vines travelling down the length of your arm from the shoulder.

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January 24, 2023 The shoulder tattoo is a versatile choice for women who want a cute and classy look. Shoulder tattoos can be bold and beautiful designs that allow you to show off your ink or cover it up as needed.