Top Of The Pop Culture 80s Aha Take On Me 1985

Top Of The Pop Culture 80s Aha Take On Me 1985

"Take on Me" is a pop culture touchstone—and a-ha couldn't care less. Waaktaar-Savoy admits that these days he rarely sees the video, which scored six MTV Moonmen in 1986. "Most of the time, you.

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Easy. The enduring iteration of "Take on Me" was actually the group's fourth attempt at the song. Take One A-ha lead singer Morten Harket met bandmates Magne Furuholmen and Paul.

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The inspiration behind the "Take On Me" came from Morten Harket and the band's experience with relationships. The song tells the story of a man who is falling in love with a woman who is unsure of herself. In an interview with BBC, Morten Harket explained that the song is about "the incompleteness between people.".

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a-ha - Take On Me (Official Video) [Remastered in 4K] a-ha A-Ha The Singles 1984 - 2004 Full Album with lyrics on all 19 songs 2.3M views 664M views 105M views deadoralivetv a-ha - Take On Me.

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Take on me was released in the UK in October of 1984. The first version ( you can listen here) went unnoticed, but the group, aware of its potential, commissioned a remix from Alan Tarney,.

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a-ha (often incorrectly stylised as A-ha; Norwegian pronunciation: [ɑˈhɑː]) is a Norwegian synth-pop band formed in Oslo in 1982. Founded by Paul Waaktaar-Savoy (guitars and vocals), Magne Furuholmen (keyboards, guitars and vocals), and Morten Harket (lead vocals), the band rose to fame during the mid-1980s.

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" Take On Me " is a song by the Norwegian synth-pop band a-ha. The original version, recorded in 1984 and released in October of that same year, was produced by Tony Mansfield and remixed by John Ratcliff. The 1985 international hit version was produced by Alan Tarney for the group's debut studio album, Hunting High and Low (1985).

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By Daniel Kreps May 14, 2010 Despite having one of the hardest-to-sing choruses in pop history — a fact easily confirmed by a trip to any karaoke bar — a-ha's "Take on Me" is one of the most.

Take On Me — aha’s evergreen hit has been covered often, most recently by the band themselves

A-Ha: Take on Me: Directed by Steve Barron. With a-ha, Bunty Bailey, Alfie Curtis, Magne Furuholmen. Official music video for "Take on Me" by A-Ha.

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[Verse 1] We're talkin' away I don't know what I'm to say I'll say it anyway Today's another day to find you Shying away I'll be comin' for your love, okay? [Chorus] Take on me (Take on me).

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A Ha live performance at the American Bandstand in 1985.

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The a-ha YouTube channel is proud to host the music videos from these hits alongside live performance videos, lyric videos, and the solo work of band members Morten Harket (lead vocals), Paul.

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A-ha (stylized a-ha; Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈɑːhɑ]) was a Norwegian pop band formed in Oslo in 1982. The band was founded by Morten Harket (vocals), Magne Furuholmen (keyboards) and Pål.

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By Tom Eames A-Ha burst onto the music scene in 1985 with their incredibly catchy tune 'Take on Me', and it's still one of the greatest pop songs ever made. But what inspired the song and who made its iconic partly-animated video? Here's all the facts behind the classic song. Who wrote 'Take on Me'? A-ha in 1984. Picture: Getty

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a-ha - Take On Me (Lyrics)Lyrics video for "Take On Me" by a-haThe #TakeOnMe1BN Capsule Collection is available now📺 Watc.

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A beyond-iconic music video. Perhaps all the attention is thanks to Take On Me's inventive music video, as famous as the song itself.Actually the second video filmed for Take On Me (the first, featuring the band performing on a soundstage, was made for the 1984 recording), its comic-book-style scenes are certainly easy on the eye, with a seductive Morten Harket at his most Patrick Swayze.