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♫ Best Uplifting Trance Mix - All Time Favourites #1 ♫ - YouTube 0:00 / 1:31:21 🔴 The Grand Sound 24/7 Live↪︎ Progressive House Radio:↪︎ Deep House.

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Your All-time Favorite Frozen Foods Ranked. As far back as the 1920s, Clarence Birdseye, of Birds Eye fame, developed a system for fast-freezing, a true industry pioneer. But it wasn't until the.

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It tastes just like Chinese takeout." -M_Mertens. Try some of the biggest hit dishes from our members 25 all-time favorite recipes, including mac n cheese, meatballs and more at

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What is another word for all-time favorite? that you can use instead. Noun A work of art of recognized and established value classic masterpiece masterwork paragon benchmark great work landmark magnum opus established work tour de force chef-d'oeuvre piece de resistance stroke of genius old time favorite showpiece masterstroke jewel prize treasure

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Sandy's Chocolate Cake. Years ago, I drove 4-1/2 hours to a cake contest, holding my entry on my lap the whole way. But it paid off. One bite and you'll see why this velvety beauty was named the best chocolate cake recipe and won first prize. —Sandra Johnson, Tioga, Pennsylvania. Go to Recipe. 25 / 100. Taste of Home.

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my favourites. my favouritest. my personal favorites. my picks. personal favorite. my favourite pair. my personal favourites. my sideburns. people i love.

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Informal unsurpassed in some respect at a particular time.. Click for English pronunciations, examples sentences, video.

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-1 This answer is not useful Save this answer. Show activity on this post. The rule is: when an adjective modifies another adjective, put in the hyphen.

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Video Gamer is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Prices subject to change. Learn more With Fortnite already boasting five chapters.

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all-time favorite - English definition, grammar, pronunciation, synonyms and examples | Glosbe all-time favorite in English dictionary all-time favorite Sample sentences with " all-time favorite " Declension Stem Match words My cats love this kitty toy and it is their all time favorite toy. scb_mt_enth_2020

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1 : full-time sense 1 2 : being for or of all time up to and including the present especially : exceeding all others of all time an all-time bestseller Examples of all-time in a Sentence

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3 Answers Sorted by: 5 I would say "of all time" because it means "from every time". Saying "of all times" is certainly not incorrect, however, it just sounds awkward. Check out Google's ngram viewer to see which is more popular: And it appears "of all time" is more popular. Share Improve this answer

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What does "all time favorite" mean? 1. Definition ( expr.) favorite of all choices, during all times Examples Mexican food is my all time favorite for any meal. Nothing will ever be better. blurt! Add to My Vocab Take "all-time-favorite" Quiz Members who passed this quiz john Meylana Rifat123 Lessons with this vocab Office Space

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Top 100 Greatest Movies of All Time (The Ultimate List) by ChrisWalczyk55 | created - 21 Dec 2012 | updated - 28 Mar 2017 | Public The movies on this list are ranked according to their success (awards & nominations), their popularity, and their cinematic greatness from a directing/writing perspective.

Various CD Kevin O'Neill's All Time Favourites, Vol.3 (CD) Bear Family Records

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