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The Australian Shepherd is the direct descendant of the Pyrenean Shepherd, a herding breed (which still very much exists!) favored by Basque herders in France and Spain for hundreds of years. When many Basques emigrated to Australia in the early 19th century, they wound up cross-breeding their dogs with European breeds that had become popular Down Under, including Border Collies and Collies.

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Males: 20 to 30 inches; Females: 18 to 21 inches. Weight. 35 to 70 pounds. Energy. Active. Activities. Herding, Guarding, Agility, Walking, Running. The Australian Shepherd, or the "Aussie," is known by many as the cowboy's herding dog of choice but is also often found competing in agility or herding trials with owners who appreciate.

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Today the Australian Shepherd is considered to be made in America. In the 1950s American rodeo-goers were treated to the show of Jay Sisler's trick-trained Australian Shepherds. Many people left the rodeo with an Aussie puppy. The Australian Shepherd became a family dog. In 1957 the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) formed.

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Australian Shepherd Pup Kopen: 19 Betrouwbare Fokkers Op zoek naar een betrouwbare Australian Shepherd fokker? Het handige overzicht hieronder helpt je verder. Ook vertellen we je wat de gemiddelde prijs van een Aussie is, waar je op moet letten bij aankoop en geven we enkele praktische tips.

Australian Shepherd Pup Kopen 19 Betrouwbare Fokkers

family. Herding. This is an athletic dog of medium size and bone; The Australian Shepherd is lithe, agile, and slightly longer than it is tall. This breed is muscular and powerful enough to work all day, without sacrificing the speed and agility. This dog's gait is free and easy, and must be able to change direction or speed instantly.

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Australian shepherd Hyper Hank and his owner Eldon McIntire performed their trophy-winning frisbee routine during the Super Bowl XII pre-show, and were later invited to the White House to meet President Carter. The video above features Hyper Hank in competition against champion Frisbee catcher Ashley Whippet. You can see Hank around the 1:20 mark!

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Australian Shepherd Appearance. Standard Australian Shepherds are a medium-sized, solidly built breed, with adults weighing between 40-65 pounds. They're built rather low to the ground-remember, they were bred to run around herds of sheep!-and have high-set, forward-flopping ears. The Aussie coat is thick and rugged, and comes in a few.

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Australian Shepherd colors are commonly black, blue merle, red, and red merle with large patches of white and white or tan markings. Mini and toy variants of the Australian Shepherd also exist. Mini Aussies (standing between 13-18") can be produced by breeding smaller standard-sized Aussies, while the toy size (<14") requires crossing with other toy breeds.

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Australian Shepherd at a glance Australian shepherds are great family pets, herding animals, police dogs and competitors in obedience trials. Size: Weight Range: Male: 23-29 kg. Female: 18-25 kg. Height at Withers: Male: 56 cm. Female: 51 cm. Features: Floppy ears (naturally) Expectations: Exercise Requirements: >40 minutes/day

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So, if you have a red merle or blue merle Australian shepherd, then you can expect an average Aussie shepherd to be: Height: 18-23 inches Weight: 40-65 pounds How Long Do Australian Shepherds (Generally) Live? Like most mid-sized dogs, Australian shepherds typically live to celebrate double-digit birthdays, making it to 12-15 years of age on.

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The Australian Shepherd, a lean, tough ranch dog, is one of those 'only in America' stories: a European breed perfected in California by way of Australia. Fixtures on the rodeo circuit, they are.

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Breed Details Average Height: 18 to 23 inches (female) and 20-23 inches (male) Average Weight: 40-55 pounds (female) and 50 to 65 pounds (male) Coloring: Black, blue merle, red, red merle (all with or without tan points, white markings or tan points and white markings) Coat Type: Medium texture, medium length, straight to wavy hair

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AKC History australian shepherd By their very nature, dog breeds are connected to specific places, reflecting both their native climates and cultures. As a result, the names of dozens of breeds.

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Pups van de Australian Shepherd met stamboom. € 1.850. Australian Shepherd Leeftijd: 9 weken 5 Mannelijk / 4 Vrouwelijk. Te koop prachtige pups met stamboom en alle gezondheidsonderzoeken vrij, geboren 29 oktober 2023, er is nog een BlackTri reutje beschikbaar. En nog een RedTri teefje en enkele BlackTri teefjes.

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Height: 18 to 21 inches (female), 20 to 23 inches (male) Weight: 40 to 55 pounds (female), 50 to 65 pounds (male) Coat: Medium double coat Coat Color: Blue merle, red merle, black, or red; all colors may have white markings and/or tan (copper) points Life Span: 12 to 15 years Temperament: Intelligent, active, energetic Hypoallergenic: No