80 Best Behind the Ear Tattoo Designs & Meanings Nice & Gentle (2019)

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Behind-the-ear tattoos are perfect if you want something fun but subtle; if you have a lot of tattoos already and don't want more than one on each side of the body; or if the idea of getting inked up is exciting but intimidating. And when we talk about behind-the-ear tattoos for men or women, we mean both genders!

100 Ear Tattoos For Men Inner And Outer Design Ideas

Behind the ear tattoos are equally popular among both men and women. So, if you are thinking about getting one or looking for some inspiration, then we have got you covered. In this blog post, we have collected 185 very trendy behind the ear tattoos for both men and women to inspire you for your next ink.

100 Ear Tattoos For Men Inner And Outer Design Ideas

20+ Amazing Behind The Ear Tattoo Ideas To Inspire You In 2023! Table of Contents As a seasoned tattoo connoisseur, I've often found the realm of ink to be much more than mere aesthetic enhancement. It's a form of self-expression, a story penned onto the skin that lasts a lifetime.

100 Ear Tattoos For Men Inner And Outer Design Ideas

101 Ear Tattoos for Men by โ€” Brian Cornwell Published on May 31, 2016 Updated on January 12, 2024 An ear tattoo is uncannily urbane for male body art aficionados. These stalwart designs can elevate your physical presentation to seriously unexpected heights.

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Behind the Ear: Pain Level: Moderate Compared to the earlobes, the skin is thinner in the area behind the ear. For those who are sensitive to pain, behind-the-ear tattoos can cause a certain level of discomfort with the proximity to the bone. Inner Ear or the Conch: Pain Level: High

80 Best Behind the Ear Tattoo Designs & Meanings Nice & Gentle (2019)

What Does A Tattoo Behind The Ear Symbolize? Many people have tattoos on their bodies, but few have one on their ears. It's a great idea because ear tattoos can make you look cool. If you have one, you know it's a very personal and meaningful decision. You can express your individuality and show your personality through your ear tattoo.

100 Ear Tattoos For Men Inner And Outer Design Ideas

Tattoos 101 Best Behind Ear Tattoo Male Ideas You'll Have To See To Believe! Table of Contents Behind ear tattoo has a special place among tattoo aficionados. If you do not want to miss out on some super creative behind ear tattoo male designs, read on. @amberwilliamstattoos via Instagram - Love this design? Try a Temporary Tatto o

100 Ear Tattoos For Men Inner And Outer Design Ideas

Rose. View on Instagram. A rose is another classic tattoo, whether you get it on your arm, thigh, ankle โ€” or behind your ear. While you really can't go wrong, the way the stem bends around.

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50 BEHIND THE EAR TATTOOS FOR GUYS [2019] Watch on Men who are looking for an eye-catching tattoo may want to consider getting a behind the ear tattoo. This type of tattoo can be easily hidden if necessary, but it can also be a very noticeable and unique tattoo.

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Tattoo Ideas Editorial Team https://gentlemanplanet.com The GP Editorial Team is comprised of men's fashion, grooming, health & fitness, and lifestyle experts. We provide the most recent trends, tips, and advice to help men look and feel their best. Explore stylish and unique behind-the-ear tattoo designs for men.

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Behind the ear, the diamond tattoo looks enchanting and captivating. If you're curious to know the meaning, then let us tell you the message resides in the name itself. Diamond is a Greek word, which means "unbreakable.". In the tattoo language, it means strength in every way, be it be emotional, spiritual, and so on.

100 Ear Tattoos For Men Inner And Outer Design Ideas

Dragon Tattoo Dragons are one of the most dainty tattoo choices when it comes to behind-the-ear tattoos. They can look either feminine or masculine, depending on the tattoo design and the artist's style. Dragons represent power, wisdom, and protection. If you possess any of these qualities, then definitely a dragon is a perfect choice to go with.

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Men's Tattoos Behind The Ear: 8 Designs to Consider. 1. Behind the ear tattoos for men that an anchor inspires. 2. Behind the ear tattoo in the style of a dragon for men. 3. Small behind the ear tattoos with a cross design as inspiration. 4. Scary Black Monster Behind the Ear Tattoo on a Black Girl.

100 Ear Tattoos For Men Inner And Outer Design Ideas

1. Flower Tattoo Ideas @ oasisink_hsinchu via Instagram @ tattooist_mi.ran via Instagram @ vanessa.vanhollywood.art via Instagram alice_b_jb via Instagram @ dark_ink_wizard via Instagram @ spazwithapentattoo via Instagram @ enigmcd via Instagram 2. Behind the Ear Heart Tattoos @ darkelltattoos via Instagram @ meganevansartist via Instagram

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Written by Mark Arago December 19, 2023 Explore the hidden world of behind-the-ear tattoos in our latest article. Discover the charm behind this unique form of body art, from intimate designs to celebrity trends. Body art continues to grow popular every day. That is why people want more and more unique locations for their inks.


Do behind the ear tattoos hurt? All tattoos hurt, but the pain you experience depends on your own pain threshold. The area behind your ear tends to be quite boney, with thin skin and not a lot of fat which means you'll feel the vibrations of the tattoo machine on your bones. This can be an uncomfortable feeling for a lot of people.