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Belgian Blue Cow YouTube

Initially, the Belgian blue cattle were first used as a dual-purpose breed. In the 1950s, Professor Hanset, while working at an artificial insemination center in Liège Province, developed the modern breed primarily reared for its beef. He maintained the breed's characteristic gene mutation by linebreeding until it became a common trait.

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Initially, the Belgian Blue, at this time called "breed from Mid and Upper Belgium" was a dual purpose animal coming from fairly uniform local cattle and a limited number of Durham bulls. The selection of double muscled cattle occurred between 1960 and 1970. It responses to the economic climate and, in particular, to the demands of a meat.

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As the name suggests, the Belgian Blue Cattle originated in Belgium. These are crossbred, double-muscled cattle that first came into existence in the 1950s. This makes it one of the newer cattle varieties out there, and it only gained widespread notoriety in the last 50 to 60 years.

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The Belgian Blue cattle are a large animal with rounded outline and prominent muscles. Coloration of the animals can range from black, blue roan, white or a combination of these color. The red color is present in some genotypes. Their back, shoulder, loin and rump are heavily muscled.

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As the name suggests, Belgian Blue cattle originate from Belgium. Selective breeding that took place over a period of 150 years gave birth to Blue Whites, or Blue Belgians, as they are often called. Belgian Blue breeders wanted to develop a cow breed with increased muscle fibers.

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The Belgian Blue ( French: 'Blanc-Bleu Belge', Dutch: 'Belgisch Witblauw', both literally meaning "Belgian White-Blue") is a breed of beef cattle from Belgium. [2] It may also be known as the Race de la Moyenne et Haute Belgique, [4] : 95 or dikbil (literally "fat buttocks" in Dutch).

Belgian Blue Livestockpedia

Welcome to JSH Blues! Our life together began in 1985 in North Central California. We purchased a small parcel of vacant land in 1989 and built a new home and barn. After months of new fencing, we started our cattle adventure. Our first beef cattle were Red Brangus as they were very adaptable to the valley summer heat.

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The Belgian Blue is a large sized animal with rounded outline and prominent muscles. The shoulder, back, loin and rump are heavily muscled. The back is straight, rump is sloping, tail set is prominent and skin is fine. It has fine but strong legs and walks easily.

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The Belgian Blue is a large sized animal with rounded outline and prominent muscles. The shoulder, back, loin and rump are heavily muscled. The back is straight, rump is sloping, tail set is prominent and skin is fine. It has fine but strong legs and can walk easy. The color can be white, blue roan or sometimes black.

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Belgian Blue cattle are a dual-purpose breed of beef cattle that can be used for crossbreeding programs and milk production. Where Does The Belgian Blue Come From? Belgian Blue Breed Characteristics Belgian Blue Cattle Weaknesses What Is So Special About Belgian Blue Cattle? Meat Production Milk Production

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Objectives : Even if the Belgian Blue breed is bred under very different conditions and production systems according to the country, it is of utmost importance for each BB associations to work together to: harmonize the methods and criteria of identification and registration of BBB in the different Herd-Books;

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An adult bull weighs between 1100 and 1250 kg and is between 1.45 and 1.50 meters tall at the withers. Animals weighing more than 1300 kg are by no means unusual. Cows can grow to a height of 1.40 meters and weigh between 850 and 900 kilograms. The breed's natural progression is toward muscle.

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A Belgian Blue bull can reach a weight of 2,645-2,866 lbs (1,200-1,300 kg) and a height of 4,85 ft (148 cm), while females can weigh up to 1,643-1,763 lbs(750-800 kg) and reach a height of 4,33 ft (132 cm). As for the calves, a male calf can weigh up to 103 lbs (47 kg) at birth, while a female calf can have a weight of around 97 lbs (44 kg).

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About Belgian Blue. The Belgian Blue breed represents 50% of the national herd, irrespective of the breeds. 61 % of the Belgian Blue livestock is in the Walloon region and 39% in the Flemish part of Belgium. Whereas BB is used in pure breed in Northern Europe for meat production, it is also used in other regions of the world where meat.

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8 Belgian Blue bulls to produce show-type and export-quality calves. According to beef programme manager at Dovea Genetics, John Lynch, generally Belgian Blues have witnessed a surge in popularity over the last five years. In response to a query from That's Farming during a recent suckler-beef breeding webinar, he revealed that in 2010.

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In Belgium we have been breeding the Belgian Blue breed for decades. Thank to the many years of experience of BBG and passionate breeders, the Belgian Blue Group is now the ultimate reference when it comes to the Belgian Blue breed.. Our bulls have their own paddock outside in the grass all year round. The welfare of our animals comes first.