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16 ("Bloodletting") 17 ("Seed") 18 ("30 Days Without An Accident") Occupation Pre-Apocalypse High School Student Farmhand on the Greene Family Farm Post-Apocalypse Ward at Grady Memorial Hospital Family Annette Greene - Mother † Hershel Greene - Father † Maggie Rhee - Half Sister Shawn Greene - Half Brother † Arnold Greene - Cousin †

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By Dan Zinski. Published Jul 14, 2020. Beth Greene died on The Walking Dead way back in season 5, but Beth actress Emily Kinney says she would welcome a return as the character. Former The Walking Dead actress Emily Kinney, who played Beth Greene, says she'd welcome a return to the show. Considering that it's a show about survival after the.

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Beth Greene : I know you look at me and you just see another dead girl. I'm not Michonne. I'm not Carol. I'm not Maggie. I've survived and you don't get it 'cause I'm not like you or them. But I made it and you don't get to treat me like crap just because you're afraid. Daryl Dixon : I ain't afraid of nothing.

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Beth Greene on The Walking Dead. During her time on the series The Walking Dead, Emily Kinney played Beth Greene, a Christian teen who served as a hopeful inspiration to her group.Soft-spoken and.

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Beth Greene is the half-sister of Maggie Greene (now Maggie Rhee) and daughter of Hershel Greene. Rick and his group of survivors stumble upon the Greene's farm in season 2 when Carl is.

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The Walking Dead enters its final season fans are a bit nostalgic and look back on previous deaths. A shocking death was Beth Greene played by Emily Kinney.

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On November 30, 2014, AMC aired the midseason finale of season 6 of The Walking Dead, "Coda," in which Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) was killed.

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Beth confronts and stands up to Dawn. " Coda " is the eighth episode and mid-season finale of the fifth season of the post-apocalyptic horror television series The Walking Dead, which aired on AMC on November 30, 2014. The episode marks Lennie James 's second uncredited post-credits appearance in the fifth season as Morgan Jones.

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Trivia FAQ IMDbPro All topics Emily Kinney Actress Soundtrack IMDbPro Starmeter Top 5,000 1039 Play trailer 2:58 Conviction (2016-2017) 1 Video 99+ Photos Emily Kinney is an American actress. She is best-known for her role as "Beth Greene" in the AMC television series, The Walking Dead (2010). Kinney was born in Wayne, Nebraska.

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The Walking Dead is notorious for suddenly killing off characters, but in season 5, the show accidentally spoiled one death in advance. Spoiler alert!. That was the case for Beth Greene (Emily Kinney), introduced alongside her sister Maggie and father Herschel in Walking Dead season 2, and a popular character by the time season 5 rolled.

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Beth Greene, played by Emily Kinney, is the youngest daughter of Hershel Greene. Beth, along with her 17 year old boyfriend Jimmy, live in Hershel's house. Unable to deal with the events of the.

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In the episode, Beth Greene ( Emily Kinney) finds herself in an operational hospital in Atlanta after being abducted in the previous season. Beth discovers that the hospital is ruled by a brutally enforced system and slowly plans her escape.

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"Beth Greene (played by Emily Kinney) was killed off in the mid-season finale in season 5 of The Walking Dead. Her death was far too soon and the writers threw away the potential of a.

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Emily Rebecca Kinney (born August 15, 1984) is an American actress, singer, and songwriter. [2] She is known for her role as Beth Greene on AMC 's horror drama television series The Walking Dead (2011-2015, 2018, 2022).

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Beth Greene is a main character of AMC's The Walking Dead. She is a supporting character in seasons 2 and 3, and main character for the remainder of the series. Beth is also the tritagonist of the first half of season 5 before she dies. Beth is a teenage girl, and was a farmhand on her family farm before and during the apocalypse. She helped her father, Hershel Greene, on the farm on several.

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Published Jul 4, 2020 Emily Kinney portrayed Beth Greene for multiple seasons of The Walking Dead. Here's how the character died in the show and when the death occurred. Beth Greene transformed into a brave survivor in The Walking Dead but before she could reach her potential, her life came to an abrupt end.