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Top 7 Crazy Dutch Words The Dutch get pretty literal with their words As an international, one of the most fascinating things about living in the Netherlands is hearing people speak in Dutch. If you've been here for a while, you might have noticed that the Dutch have some… interesting words, so to say.

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Choose the Dutch subject you wish to learn, revise the vocab, and then test your skills with the fun Dutch learning quizzes. If the student wishes to spend more time studing the vocabulary before beginning the exercises, they can be directed to the Dutch flashcards section (all with Dutch audio), or the Dutch picture dictionaries section. Learners with some Dutch language skills may like to.

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When something is great, describing it as leuk ("nice") simply doesn't cut it. Instead, you could get your Dutch optimism on with words like toppie ("awesome"), helemaal te gek (similar to the Australian "far out"), or mooi ("beautiful"). When a conversation feels warm, and the setting is cozy, you could say it's gezellig.

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"grapje!" 2 - just kidding! just joking! "foutje!" 2 3 - Oops! I made a mistake For 'lunch,' most people in Holland will use the English word. If it's a hot meal, you could say middageten ('afternoon meal.') For laughs, you could use the almost Medieval word het noenmaal ('the noon meal') - no Dutchman would say that, but it will be understood.

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Trots is a funny little Dutch word that has nothing to do with its English equivalent. No, 'trots' is not the way a horse moves, but 'proud:' Ik ben trots op je means 'I am proud of you.' However, stick the word aap in front of it, and you have 'I am monkey proud of you.'

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There are around 2500 new words added to the country's official dictionary each year [ PDF ], so it's safe to say that Dutch slang —also called straattaal or street talk—develops at such a.


Dutch does have the word second (seconde) and moment (moment/momentje), but you're much more likely to hear ogenblik. Dutch speakers frequently use the word to mean anything between a 'jiffy' a 'second' and an 'instant.' It's so prevalent, the ATMs even use it when you wait for your cash. Uitbuiken

Learn Dutch Words and Basic Grammar Lesson 4 YouTube

Gezelligheid (Dutch pronunciation: [ɣəˈzɛləxɛit] ⓘ) is a Dutch word which, depending on context, can be translated as 'conviviality', 'coziness', 'fun'. It is often used to describe a social and relaxed situation. It can also indicate belonging, time spent with loved ones, catching up with an old friend or just the general togetherness that gives people a warm feeling.

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September 23, 2021 Boost Your Dutch with These 200+ Dutch Words for Beginners As a new Dutch learner, you may be concerned about your lack of vocabulary. But we have good news: Having access to an extensive and complete list of Dutch words for beginners will surely help you master the Dutch language.

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Impress your friends and charm people in the Netherlands with these cool Dutch words that have no English equivalent.

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Add some fun to your language-learning journey in the Netherlands with these funny Dutch words and expressions.

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15 Beautiful Dutch Words and Phrases We Need in English | © pixabay Tom Coggins 13 June 2017 As with all languages, there are certain common Dutch words and phrases that simply don't translate into English.

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Eigen grond. Typical translations of the Dutch word 'grond' (that which you are standing on) are 'ground', 'floor' or 'earth'. It can also mean 'land' or 'property' as in 'eigen grond': private land/property, see the photo. The photo shows a note put up by an angry home owner who has too many Pokémon trainers.

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Despite the longest word in the Dutch dictionary ' Meervroudigepersoonlijkheidsstoornissen ' (meaning 'multiple personality disorder') weighing in at 38 letters, they don't speak 'double Dutch'.

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What's the Dutch word for fun? Here's a list of translations. Dutch Translation pret More Dutch words for fun pret noun pleasure, game, lark, gaieties, jollity plezier noun pleasure grap noun joke, jest, gag, frolic, quirk aardigheid noun pleasantry, entertainment, jape, deftness gekheid maken verb joke, jest grappen maken verb joke

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15 Funny Dutch Words Guide to Dutchness | 61 As you may have already heard, the Dutch certainly do not beat around the bush. This does have a plus side as it conveniently applies, not only to their direct behavior, but also their use of language. Why complicate things when you can just literally spell them out?!