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An Introduction to the Fender Six String Electric Bass Guitar Brian Hayes 15.8K subscribers Subscribe Subscribed Share 23K views 7 years ago Guitar Basics This tutorial introduces the viewer to.

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In 1961, hot on the tails of the Jazz Bass, the Bass VI was released but it certainly wasn't aimed at the bass market; it was built to steal some of Danelectro's UB-2 action, which until now was the only 6-string bass in existence.

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Fender Bass VI Electric 6String Bass Guitar (1965) RetroFret

A Bass 6 is indeed a 6 string bass. It shares the same low-E starting point as your traditional 4-string bass; however, it's arguably better defined as a hybrid, walking the line between guitar and bass and appealing to both groups of players.

Fender Bass VI Electric 6String Bass Guitar (1962) RetroFret

Similar to the Jazzmaster in style and form, the Bass VI was an attempt by Fender to launch a successful 6-string bass with a range a full octave down from a typical 6-string guitar. Like most Fenders, the Bass VI's design was altered after the CBS-buyout before production ceased entirely in 1975.

Fender Bass VI Electric 6String Bass Guitar (1962) RetroFret

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Photo Fender Bass VI [19611975] Fender Bass VI (712482) Audiofanzine

Posted on October 06 2021. This Fender VI 1961, also called the Bass 6, is the oldest example of the model that I've been able to find. Fender's Bass 6 is a six string bass guitar with offset style floating bridge and tremolo tailpiece. This vintage Fender VI 1961 came through the shop a few years ago but I've been looking for another example.

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The mid-'60s "C"-shape neck lends a comfortably familiar grip that feels just right in your hand, while the 7.25" radius fingerboard with vintage-tall frets provide vintage comfort with ample room for big bends and expressive vibrato.

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Summary: The Fender Bass VI is strung with custom-made bass strings. The Fender Bass VI ideal for guitarists who wish to lend some lower-end frequencies to the mix, but aren't too accustomed with the feel of a standard four-string bass. Some legendary bands have used the Fender Bass VI ranging from The Beatles to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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The Bass VI was introduced in 1961 as a six-string bass (the 1961 Fender catalog referred to it simply as the "New six-string Bass Guitar") and it occupies its own special ground somewhere between a guitar and a bass.

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Originally introduced in 1961 and discontinued in 1975, the Bass VI was designed as a direct competitor to Danelectro's UB-2 six-string bass guitar, which had achieved some popularity among studio musicians for recording so-called "tic-tac" bass lines.

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The Fender Bass VI is a very interesting and unique instrument. At first glance.. one would think - "So, it's a 6 string bass". Nope. "Oh, it's a baritone". Nope. It's an instrument that lies somewhere in between. Basically, the Bass VI is a guitar, one full octave lower than a standard guitar. So it's tuned to Standard E.

Fender Bass VI Electric 6String Bass Guitar (1962) RetroFret

The Bass VI, recently resurrected in hot-rodded form by Fender and in its classic form by Squier, is a six-string bass guitar. It was designed and offered as a special kind of bass guitar during its original run from 1961 to 1975, and it is designed and offered as such today. It is not a baritone guitar. Shop Now

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2.3K 418K views 10 years ago The Pawn Shop Bass VI marks the revamped return of a historic Fender instrument, the seldom-seen Fender Bass Guitar (also known as the Bass VI) of 1961-1975..