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Enneagram Type 2: The Helper. Written by Tim Branch. Original Design: They love the people in their life fully and freely, helping other people realize they are valuable and wanted. Desire: To be worthy of love. Fear: Being rejected and going unloved by the people they care about. Subconscious childhood message: "Your own needs are not as.

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Português. Type Two represents the archetype of the person who seeks to please others as a way to evoke affection. The drive to win others' approval through indirect methods, such as seduction and strategic giving, is a way to obtain emotional and material support without having to ask for it. This strategy also provides a way to try to get.

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Sixes value the warmth, kindheartedness, generosity, and self-sacrifice of the Two. Sixes are aware of how well suited Twos are to be an excellent, devoted spouse and parent, and that they could be trusted to be loyal. On the other hand, Twos will likely admire the hard work, steadfastness to commitments, perseverance, modesty and playfulness.

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What drives a Type 2 to think, feel, and behave in particular ways? Core Fear: Being rejected and unwanted, being thought worthless, needy, inconsequential, dispensable, or unworthy of love.. Discovering you is a guide to understanding the strengths and pitfalls of each Enneagram Type, why the Enneagram is the best tool for the.

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Common Characteristics of Enneagram 2s. Enneagram twos are open-hearted and warm individuals who are known for their gentle and caring natures. They are approachable, patient and nurturing. They have easy access to their emotions and are incredibly empathetic, making people feel welcomed and listened to. They are generous and value life's.

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Type Two: The Helper. Twos, often called Helpers, are motivated by a need to feel indispensable to those they love, which leads them to direct all of their energy toward meeting the needs of others, whether they've asked for help or not. Warm and caring, Twos have many relationships and are always giving to others while carefully avoiding the.

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Fundamentals of Enneagram 2. Often referred to as "The Helper," Enneagram Type 2s exude warmth, compassion, and generosity. At their core, they possess an innate desire to be loved and feel a sense of belonging. Their world revolves around relationships, and they often go to great lengths to support and care for those they love.

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2. Type 2s pair best with Type 3s and Type 8s. 2s need someone intuitive and moral, someone who won't take advantage of their extreme kindness. The charming, ambitious Type 3 and the protective, confident Type 8 fit this mold well. Most of all, Type 2s need someone who shares in their number 1 passion: people!

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Type Two Overview. We have named personality type Two The Helper because people of this type are either the most genuinely helpful to other people or, when they are less healthy they are the most highly invested in seeing themselves as helpful.Being generous and going out of their way for others makes Twos feel that theirs is the richest, most meaningful way to live.

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Overview. In the Enneagram framework, Type 2s — also known as Helpers or simply Twos — are enthusiastic, considerate, and reliable caregivers. Hook and colleagues (2021) describe Type 2s' core desire as a need to be needed. At their worst, Type 2s can drift into excessive people-pleasing, flattery, and interpersonal neediness.

The Giver Enneagram Type Two

The most basic desire of the Type 2 is to be fully loved and accepted. They often express this by being extremely attentive to the needs of those around them and helping other people in any way they can. People who identify as a Type 2 may repress their own negative emotions or channel them into more positive or typically acceptable emotions.

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The Enneagram Type Two "Giver" is helpful, nurturing and caring towards others. Because they want to belong and be loved by others, they will rarely say no when asked for help and will often put others' needs before their own. Twos are empathetic and encouraging, finding great joy in supporting others.

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Enneagram Type 2 and others Type twos enjoy sharing with others, particularly the things they most value in life, such as love, family, friendship, and community. When they are healthy and in balance people are drawn to the warmth of the type two individual, finding them genuinely loving, generous, considerate, and helpful in nature.

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Description of the Enneagram type 2 with its strengths, characteristics, appearance, and potential area of development. Toggle navigation. Type 2's wings are types 1 and 3. The « wing » is the neighbouring type that appears to have the most influence on the base type.